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Tribute to Anjin Sun Shiba of Goosak

James Thurber once said "If I have any beliefs about immortality it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very very few people". Anjin was one of those dogs. The greatest Christmas gift I ever received , Anjin was Akashima's (of Goosak was our FCI kennel name) very first Canadian Champion. She whelped Emi who would become Winners Bitch at the World dog show in Oporto, Portugal and ruled our home and kennel with her gentle disposition and her strength of character. Born on December 24 1995, Anjin was killed by two German Shepherd dogs, August 10 2009. A part of us is gone.


Sukoshi Biyo Emiko

CDN. CH Akashima's Sukoshi Biyó Emiko recently obtained her Spanish Championship. Emi is owned and shown by Ana and José Carlos Santibanez Garcia (Kennel Pinaroka, Salamanca Spain).

'Emi' is pictured winning at the World Dog Show in Oporto, Portugal in June 2001. Emi has had her first litter and continues to be shown throughout Europe.

Emi winning at the World Dog Show

Asaki San Musuko

AM/CDN/Swe/Dk/Fin/Int'l CH Asaki San Musuko of Akashima (Major winner at the '98 Evergreen Speciality at Canby Oregon) became International Swedish Winner 2000 and Finnish Winner 2002.

Asaki is owned by Eero Hällfors (Kennel Vaahteranlehden, Riihimäki Finland).

Shiba in the wilderness

About our Pups

The next litters of Shiba and Shikokus are planned for whelping dates this coming spring and summer.

Akashima Shiba Inu and Shikoku Kennel occasionally has puppies for companionship, show and work available to approved homes.

Please contact us for more information.

Anjin Shiba and Akashi

Show in Japan  

Japan Visit

After months of planning and lots of emails and phone calls my Japan visit was realized including attendance at the 100th Nippo Grand National.

While there I was able to visit with the Staff of the Nippo Kennel Club where I was able to confirm the Registration of my Kennel.

My dawn-to-dusk schedule included visits to many of Tokyo and Osaka's historic sites and gardens, as well as a wonderful trip to Kyoto and the island of Shikoku.

I met with many Shiba and Shikoku breeders while there and certainly have gained a better understanding of the people and their dogs.

Images from Visit to Japan

Visit from Japan

In May of 2010, Iijima-san; famous Shikoku Breeder and Nippo judge from Japan, visited Akashima Kennels.

Iijima-san was very impressed with the quality of Shikoku at Akashima, especially Yuki, who he predicts will have a big show future.

Iijima-san commented that he would like to have Yuki go back to Japan with him.

Images from Visit to Japan



Akashima Shiba Inu and Shikoku Kennel is proud of our membership and affiliation with the Comox Valley Kennel Club, the Glacierview Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) , the Shiba Canada Club, the Nihonken Hozonkai (Nippo Kennel Club), the National Shiba Club of America (NSCA) and the Deutscher Club fuer Nordische Hunde (DCNH). We support the goals and adhere to the breeder regulations of these organizations.

Akashima Shiba Inu and Shikoku Kennel supports and assists in placing rescue dogs in approved homes.

Please contact us for more information.

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